Aurorita of my eyes: National Premiere

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We close this year with the successful National Premiere of Aurorita of my eyes held on November 30 at the New Cinemateca in Bogotá. It was a historic event for Chinchilla Films to have the assistance of more than 300 people; being the third parties to fill the Capital Chamber to its maximum capacity; and the first to achieve it with a short film since the New Cinemateca opened its doors in June this year. It should be noted that the country at that time was on National Strike, which has not yet ceased, so it surprises and cheers the attendance at the event of so many people despite the moments we are going through now in Colombia.

Unforgettable night of great experiences: We have the presence of more than 30 farmers from the municipality of Carmen de Carupa, who most had never entered a movie theater. We had all the unconditional support of our partners. We were also accompanied by renowned people from the medium, all our friends, followers of Chinchilla, and the hands that made this film during these years.

Simultaneously we project the behind the scenes, the work of our partners, we promote the bands of the musicians who were part of the film, we share photos with all those who accompanied us and to the sound of good food and music mixed by a guest DJ we made this night something that will justify the 5 years we spent putting together and telling this story. It was also the reception of the public with Aurorita: emotional and exciting at the same time. With such joy and in collaboration with the Candelario bar we held a party where we all finished celebrating the sayings of this night and above all, the 5 years we met with Chinchilla Films.

Next year we will be publishing all the Aurorita programming of my eyes in Colombia and around the world through our different channels. Do not take off in 2020

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